Working from in lockdown

4th May 2020

A lot of people have been questioning how they live, where they live ( and maybe, in some cases, who they live with …)

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Spending so much time at home really highlights what you love about it and what you don’t.

Time for a rethink?

The key to the popularity of our home designs is simple – versatility.

Take a look at our elegant new homes.

Spacious, open family suites with plenty of furniture placement options, means the home can evolve as your family does.

You may need toddler friendly family areas where you can supervise whilst cooking in a smart new kitchen.

Or you may need to be home-schooling, overseeing teenagers’ work from a not too obvious ‘safe’ distance.

In either case your home needs to adapt with your lifestyle without compromise. 

Facetiming with your boss?

All well and good until your youngest announces he ‘needs to go to the toilet’ or the cat jumps up on the keyboard.

Our additional reception rooms can multitask, changing from a playroom to a WFH space ( be sure to add a fake backdrop with library book wallpaper to really impress the team….)

Some of our designs feature two ensuite bedrooms – great for those boomerang offspring or an extended grandparents’ visit when the lockdown lifts.

Food for thought? You can visit our lovely new homes without leaving yours.

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