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15th May 2020

So, you’ve just bought your brand new home from Cotswold Homes; you’ll either be ready to jump right in and put your stamp on this blank canvas or you’ll be feeling completely overwhelmed with the prospect of all these lovely rooms to decorate.

Don’t panic - there’s no rush!  

Read on for our tips to get you feeling confident and ready to pick up that paintbrush!

Gallery Image
Gallery Image

Create your own dream home  - not a showhome – one that suits your lifestyle.



Grab that G&T, sit back in your new lounge and get on Pinterest! What appeals to you? What sort of lifestyle do you have?

If this is your first home you’re probably open to all ideas. If this is your second, third, fourth home you already have a good idea of your style but want to change it up to incorporate new products and ideas. Now’s the time to get a mood board together - all those items you’ve loved seeing in the showhomes, other people’s homes or glossy magazines. It could be a digital mood board or old school - get that glue out and get collaging!



Spend time in your new home before you make any major commitments. There’s nothing worse than going ‘all in’, painting that beautiful ‘moody boutique’ dark green feature wall you saw in a  magazine, then finding that actually the light’s not quite right in that particular room.

Base your interior around a palette of colours rather than just the one.

Sure, you can start with deep forest green but it’s important to create hues that work well with that depth of colour. Find a palette that works for you and use the colours in different proportions around your home.

Maybe you’ve already started noticing recurring colours that you’re drawn to when creating your mood board. Find inspiration by looking at your favourite pieces of art or deco from around the home. It’s important you find a colour palette that works for you and reflects your personality.

Think about how you use each room; can you face waking up to Barbie pink every morning?


Colour swatches in a flat lay and a living room with succulent and plant artwork



So, you’ve collated your thoughts and found the perfect colour palette- now what?

Before you commit time and money, spending every evening and weekend painting (and peeling the paint off your nails whilst enjoying your new bath) you need to try out your palette. Why not let your new home settle and start with the instant fix - textiles! Cushions, throws, window treatments; get that injection of colour in. Use the more neutral tones of your palette for the walls and bring in pops of colour in smaller proportions with your cushions, throws and artwork.

Artwork is a great way to include those brighter colours  in smaller doses and showcases your own unique style.



Spend time in each space watching how the light falls in certain areas, developing throughout the day and into the evening. This process will dictate the best way to use the space for different activities.

Light greatly affects colour, so be sure to paint a swatch on each wall ahead of decorating. 



Have fun and be ‘you’. Homes are for loving and living; no one wants to visit a beautiful home that’s too precious to sit in or a kitchen too ‘perfect’ to cook in. Create your own dream home  - not a showhome – one that suits your lifestyle.



For practical advice on a range of projects from measuring your windows to hanging wallpaper, visit   https://www.janeclayton.co.uk/inspiration-advice