Home Not Showhome

4th November 2020

It’s a pleasure creating our showhomes. We’ve perfected the art of combining elegant, aspirational designs with understatement and comfort; but HOME is a feeling, not just a place.

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It’s a pleasure creating our showhomes. We’ve perfected the art of combining elegant, aspirational designs with understatement and comfort; but HOME is a feeling, not just a place.

Your new home is your refuge, a space of comfort, security and beauty. It should reflect your own personality and fulfil the needs of your family.

Not sure where to start? Create your own Mood Board; collect pictures from magazines and ideas from Pinterest and Instagram, gathering ideas that spark your imagination (colours, a piece of furniture or a painting). 

It’s always possible to create the same effect for much less than advertised in Designer magazines.

The lounge should be comfortable, inviting, relaxing, functional and, of course, beautiful – a room both your family and your guests will admire and enjoy. 

Decide on a focal point in the room, for instance a garden view, a painting or a big screen TV. Arrange your seating around this focal point and remember ‘less is more’; clutter detracts from the space and elegance of a room.

Furniture does not always have to be against a wall – arrange the seating so that it is positioned to be comfortable for conversation, TV viewing or just relaxing.  Symmetrical placement of furniture helps to create an uncluttered feel and it’s ideal to have seating for at least 6 people.  This can be accomplished with a combination of sofas, armchairs and ottomans.  Make sure you have enough space between objects to move freely around the room.

Have tables near all your seating to settle that drink; create the right mood by using different light sources for relaxation, reading, watching TV or entertaining.  A mix of table and floor lamps offer function and beauty; picture lights enhance your favourite wall art.

Define areas of the room with rugs, which add colour and texture to the room.  Place your favourite art opposite the seating to create a talking point or just to relax into that memory. 

Statement mirrors are a key design element, useful for reflecting treasured items or a feature wall. Use them to ‘light up’ a smaller space such as the w.c. or to create a welcome with ‘Wow!’ in the hallway or landing.


The Paddocks Drawing Room

Window treatments are the anchor for your design and offer the most bang for your buck in terms of instant impact. Plantation (wooden) shutters are perfect for a coastal or New England look yet also work well with a modern farmhouse style. Venetian blinds complement a contemporary interior.  Curtains in  the lounge always look best if they are full length and include the dominant colour of the largest piece of furniture (this helps to provide a background for the design and to pull the scheme together).

Accessories bring your room to life; they add colour, texture and pattern and are easy to change if you decide to update your look. Personal photos, treasures and mementoes bring joy at each glance. Smaller accessories look best grouped together and always remember plants, which bring life into a room and have a calming, peaceful affect. 

A place for everything….make tidying up less of a chore. Use simple, decorative boxes and ottomans which complement your room scheme and let them stay in sight.

Reuse, repurpose, recycle your existing furniture! Not only will it save you money, the satisfaction of taking on a project such as recovering sofas and chairs, buying from house sales and auctions, should not be underestimated.

For a smaller project, a lick of paint or changing handles and trims is a simple, cost effective way to update your look.